In Memoriam -William Breslin

We are sorry to inform you that one of our members, Bill Breslin, passed away suddenly at home on19th March 2023. He throughly enjoyed his time as a member and our thoughts are with his family in their sad loss.

Zola, Flaubert and Turgenev

The Oyster Problem begins, next week, at The Jermyn Street Theatre. It may interest Zola Society members (the characters include Flaubert, Zola, & Turgenev). It runs from 9th February until 4th March.

Quiz 2022

This year’s quiz is based on La Terre, Zola’s controversial and powerful novel set in the farming community of La Beauce. Read it over Christmas and try the quiz! Answers will be posted in the new year. The Committee of the Emile Zola Society wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!



If you’re a fan of margarine, then you have none other to thank for the butter-substitute than Charles-Louis Napoléon Bonaparte, or Napoleon III, the nephew of Napoleon Bonaparte. In 1869, a butter shortage led Napoleon III to set up a prize to be awarded to the first person who could create a nutritive and shelf-stable…… Continue reading Margarine

More to view and read

Don’t forget Prof. Greenslade’s talk next month on Thomas Hardy. You can downloads his books for free from here. Also, check out the latest from Alan Pages.

Update on Trip to Medan

Greetings to all our members on this day, 8 Fructidor CCXXX! Hope you are enjoying the last of the summer and looking forward to a fruitful autumn full of new plans and aspirations. The Society’s annual trip to Medan, the house of Emile Zola will take place on Sunday October 2, 2022. Chantal has further…… Continue reading Update on Trip to Medan


Summer Update

Greetings on 16 Messidor CCXXX Apologies again for the non-event in June, owing to transport problems. The talk has been rescheduled for September. Don’t miss the Pilgrimage to Medan in October, Thomas Hardy in November and AGM in December. Consult the programme for details. If you have anything interesting about Zola to share, please send…… Continue reading Summer Update

Visit to Oatlands Park Hotel

An outing is planned for Saturday July 2, 2022 to Oatlands Park Hotel where Émile Zola stayed while in exile in 1898-1899, during the Dreyfus Affair. Oatlands Hotel has a restaurant and a tea-room, a beautiful park, wi-fi, free parking, etc. Historical Details It can be reached by train South Western Railway from Waterloo to Weybrige Station (departure every…… Continue reading Visit to Oatlands Park Hotel