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Quiz 2021: Answers

From the moment I start a new novel, life’s just one endless torture. The first few chapters may go fairly well and I may feel there’s still a chance to prove my worth, but that feeling soon disappears and every day I feel less and less satisfied……… Then, when it’s finished, what a relief! Not the blissful delight of the gentleman who goes into ecstasies over his own production, but the resentful relief of a porter dropping a burden that’s nearly broken his back.

The Annual Seminar, March 2022

The annual seminar of the Emile Society London was held on Saturday 26th March 2022. Over twenty intrepid members travelled to central London, defying the Omicron BA.1 and were rewarded with four brilliant talks by eminent Zola scholars accompanied by a visual feast of illustrations. The new venue – Lumen URC – was voted a success.

Chantal very kindly organised refreshments which were also greatly appreciated. Several members went on to dinner at a Greek restaurant in Bloomsbury to round off the evening.

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