The EZS seminar on Saturday (26th March) was attended by over twenty members who greatly enjoyed the excellent talks. Refreshments were available, kindly organized by Chantal.

Zoom Talk April 1 Cancelled

TALK CANCELLED DUE TO COVID On Friday April 1st, at 6pm, David King will give us a talk on The Duc d’Aumale, resident of Orleans House in Twickenham. Henri Eugène Philippe Louis d’Orléans (1822-1897), Duke of Aumale was a leader of the Orleanists, a political faction in 19th-century France associated with constitutional monarchy. He was born…… Continue reading Zoom Talk April 1 Cancelled

This day 1897

Did you know that on this day 1897, Marcel Proust challenged Jean Lorrain, a literary critic, to a duel? It was over an allegation made by the latter about Proust having a homosexual relationship with Lucien Daudet (son of Alphonse D). Proust was worried about an early start (most duels were fought at daybreak), but…… Continue reading This day 1897


Friday December 10, 2021 at 6pm. See the programme for further details.