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Don’t forget Prof. Greenslade’s talk next month on Thomas Hardy. You can downloads his books for free from here. Also, check out the latest from Alan Pages.

Update on Trip to Medan

Greetings to all our members on this day, 8 Fructidor CCXXX! Hope you are enjoying the last of the summer and looking forward to a fruitful autumn full of new plans and aspirations. The Society’s annual trip to Medan, the house of Emile Zola will take place on Sunday October 2, 2022. Chantal has further…… Continue reading Update on Trip to Medan


Visit to Oatlands Park Hotel

An outing is planned for Saturday July 2, 2022 to Oatlands Park Hotel where Émile Zola stayed while in exile in 1898-1899, during the Dreyfus Affair. Oatlands Hotel has a restaurant and a tea-room, a beautiful park, wi-fi, free parking, etc. Historical Details It can be reached by train South Western Railway from Waterloo to Weybrige Station (departure every…… Continue reading Visit to Oatlands Park Hotel

The duke d’Aumale

Henri-Eugène-Philippe-Louis d’Orléans, duke d’Aumale (16/1/1822, Paris – 7/5/1897, Zucco, Sicily) Fourth son of King Louis-Philippe, and an Orleanist, supporter of the constitutional monarchy. Pursued an army career 1839-1847, in Algeria among other places, ending up as lieutenant general and governor of France’s African possessions. Exiled in 1848 after the revolution and remained in England until 1871. Returned…… Continue reading The duke d’Aumale

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The EZS seminar on Saturday (26th March) was attended by over twenty members who greatly enjoyed the excellent talks. Refreshments were available, kindly organized by Chantal.

February Meeting

The first ‘live’ meeting of the Society took place on Friday 11th February at the new venue – Lumen URC in Tavistock Place. The talk by Dan Rabelleto Zola, Blood, Sex and Money was greatly appreciated by the attendees as they enjoyed the wine and nibbles provided.  The venue was considered eminently suitable for forthcoming…… Continue reading February Meeting

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Coming Soon

Activities for 2022 will start  with an online (Zoom) talk by William Breslin who will present the film An Officer and a Spy by Roman Polansky.The 2 hours 12 min Gaumont film  came out in November 2019. It is an adaptation of Robert Harris’ novel, with music by Alexandre Desplat. It can be viewed freely on the…… Continue reading Coming Soon

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