February Meeting

The first ‘live’ meeting of the Society took place on Friday 11th February at the new venue – Lumen URC in Tavistock Place. The talk by Dan Rabelleto Zola, Blood, Sex and Money was greatly appreciated by the attendees as they enjoyed the wine and nibbles provided.  The venue was considered eminently suitable for forthcoming…… Continue reading February Meeting

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Rougon-Macquart Summary

Here is a veritable mine of information – a free downloadable summary of the Rougon-Macquart novels: https://www.gutenberg.org/files/5103/5103-h/5103-h.htm “I wish to explain how a family, a small group of human beings, conducts itself in a given social system after blossoming forth and giving birth to ten or twenty members, who, though they may appear, at the…… Continue reading Rougon-Macquart Summary

A touch of realism

One forges one’s style on the terrible anvil of daily deadlines.

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L’éducation classique

L’éducation classique a tout déformé, et nous a imposé comme génies des hommes au talent correct, facile, qui suivent les sentiers battus. Formal education has deformed everything, and has imposed upon us as geniuses men of correct, facile talent, who follow the beaten track. Zola l’oeuvre

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This day 1897

Did you know that on this day 1897, Marcel Proust challenged Jean Lorrain, a literary critic, to a duel? It was over an allegation made by the latter about Proust having a homosexual relationship with Lucien Daudet (son of Alphonse D). Proust was worried about an early start (most duels were fought at daybreak), but…… Continue reading This day 1897

Revolutionary Calendar

Do you know the date today? It is 13 Pluviôse CCXXX. The rainy month. Work out why the CCXXX!